My Work section updated!

Added more of my curriculum development and lessons to the “My Work” section. Will be adding more soon!

Looking for lessons?

I’m still updating this site and moving over all my examples of current student work and the like. If you want to see student work a little more up to date, head on over to my page on the Denton ISD website. I should have everything moved over to this site and my classroom webpage by the end of the summer! Stay tuned!

Complete Update Again

Website has been completely redone and updated for 2012. Next I’ll be doing the same with

Complete Update

Every section of this portfolio has been updated!


My resume has been updated to show my new employment at DISD’s McMath MS.

Resume Update

My resume has been thoroughly updated.


Added quite a few PDAS evaluations from the past several years.

Resume update

Updated the resume with this year’s additional information.

New Layout

With the new layout on my classroom website, it was time to change this one as well.